Investment area of Olesno Municipality, covering 111 ha (for investment 94,2 ha) is concentrated alongside Lesna street in Olesno and Swiercze.

 The main communication road of industrial area is Lesna street (technical category Z), adjusted for heavy transport, with road width 6 meters and berm width 1,5 meter, connecting voivodship road No 487 (Olesno – Byczyna) and road No 494 (Bierdzany – Częstochowa) and through Częstochowska and Wygodzka streets, access to national road No 11 (Bytom – Poznań – Kołobrzeg).

Biskupicka street is an additional connection of investment area and voivodship road No 487 (Sienkiewicza street). It combines investment area with railway siding.