Olesno – a town located in south-western Poland, in the Opole province, on river Stobrawa, the county seat of Olesno. Distance 45 km northeast of Opole, 270 km southwest of Warsaw.

Olesno is one of the oldest towns in Silesia. Archaeological excavations report traces of settlement from the Neolithic period. The development of the settlement was thanks to its convenient location at the junction of the „Amber Route” from the Baltic Sea to the south and the „Royal Trail” leading from Krakow to Wroclaw and further to the west.

For the first time Olesno was mentioned in a document of local church erection, issued in 1226 by the Bishop of Wroclaw Lawrence after Kazimierz I – the Opole prince’s recommendation. From the document we learn about the existence of Olesno customs chamber, belonging to the bishop, who established its new tariff duties.